Agile Construction Management By Using Scrum

Kadir Tolga ERPINAR
2 min readFeb 2, 2021


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Agile approach was first developed for software industry but when the benefits were observed, agile approach and frameworks also applied to non IT sectors successfully.

In this article benefits of agile construction will be mentioned.

Projects in the construction sector are both complex and complicated by nature. In addition, construction industry is not flexible and is not open to change which reduce the productivity in the construction industry.

Although construction sector is one of the largest economy in the world, the construction industry has a productivity problem.

Lets explore together how Agile project management can help the construction industry.

While construction is labor intensive industry; anything that we can improve in labor productivity is very critical.

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Imagine a construction site, workers believe to values of courage, respect, commitment, openness and focus which is same as agile scrum methodology.

In the construction sites if you have poor communication, wrong version of drawings can be applied at the site frequently.

When the failure is noticed it is than to late…

However if the team come together daily and discuss the project for the short incriminates, the probability of failure will be minimum.

While scrum team at the construction site daily discuss:

What each person did yesterday;

What they are going to do today;

If there are any obstacle; If they need any assistance to complete the project.

Teams that use Scrum in their projects complete their projects in a happy working environment where communication is very high.

Good communication is one of the essential elements of scrum teams in addition scrum teams in the construction sector produce much faster with higher productivity.

Scrum is a system that regularly controls the situation in the project and prevents the problems that arise to be noticed and solved without causing major problems. Scrum is an early warning system before it is too late.

By using Scrum in your project, you can control the situation in the project very easily.

You can also prevent the problems that arise to be noticed and find solutions to obstacles without causing major problems before it arises. Scrum is an early warning system before it is too late.

By applying agile construction management practices you can have happier crew with high productivity in the construction sector.



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