Resistance to Change

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The world is going through a very rapid change. As Heraclitus indicate “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” “ Nothing stays the same; the only constant is the change.”

Everything around us is getting more and more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambitious. We have to adapt ourselves to change.

If we do not change, we have no chance to stay in the flow. We will be out of the game very quickly. The skills that make us successful in a specific role today might not be enough at tomorrow.

We need to be open to new concepts. We need to take quick actions and recive continuous feedbacks. In a VUCA World, It is hard to make predictions for long term. Tasks or issues must be divided into small pieces otherwise, it is too big to handle.

We cannot handle all the change at once. Resistance to change is normal human reaction when change is too big. If change is too much our brain, protect us not to be paralyzed.

However, if we apply agile rules to change, it is easy. We can divided change into small pieces and get immediate frequent feedbacks. By using agile methods, we can easily handle change.

Mankind born with the ability to adapt to change. We are very skilled at adaptation. Ability to adapt to changing circumstances is our survival skill and will be easier when agile rules applied.



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Kadir Tolga ERPINAR

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