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2 min readFeb 21, 2021
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Most of the construction projects end up over budget and past the schedule because we use yesterday’s project management methods in today’s world.

The current theory of the project management was developed at a time when projects were more readily decomposed and well bounded.

So why don’t we rethink, restructure and rewire our project management skills in the construction industry.

We should find a better way to design, plan, and build.

We should find a way that project teams adapt to changes quickly, overcome obstacles and remove bottlenecks fast.

We should find ways to reduce waste, minimize delays and increase quality while reducing overall costs.

We should find ways for collaboration and communication among team members of the project.

We should break up complex projects into easier and manageable smaller sub-projects.

Since smaller projects reduce the chance of uncertainty and can be managed easily, we should break large tasks down into smaller, more manageable pieces.

To be successful in the today’s world we should learn and apply Scrum Framework in our construction projects.

While Scrum is a framework within which Project teams can address complex adaptive problems at the highest possible value for customers.

The scrum principles build on lean principles. Scrum framework allow construction industry to drive continuous inspection, accelerate feedback while reducing complexity and decreasing risk.

By using Scrum framework in the construction industry we can:

· Develop fast communication channels,

· Increase collaboration,

· Break down team silos by building stronger, more collaborative relationships,

· Build robustness in to the planning process,

· Accelerate feedback loops to measure progress,

· Break the tasks into small pieces,

· Minimize waste caused by detailed long term planning,

As a result; construction projects done with scrum framework are safer, are finished earlier and they are under budget.

Let’s forget everything what we learned about construction management in the past.

Now in today’s world, let’s learn how to use Scrum Framework in the construction sector.



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