Kadir Tolga ERPINAR
1 min readFeb 14, 2022



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Construction industry has complex processes. Most of the large construction projects will end up way over budget, and couldn’t reach deadlines.

Whenever something goes wrong in the project, different departments blame other departments. Crews working under such a pressure hate their jobs.

For this reason, trust is destroyed between the parties working in the same project.

But there is a better way to design, plan and build with SCRUM framework.

The construction industry start to benefit from SCRUM framework to enhance their performance.

By using SCRUM framework at the construction industry, construction companies improve their competitiveness while frontline workers become more productive.

As a result, construction companies increase motivation of their employees and add value to their clients.

Construction Projects are safer, finish under budget and reach deadlines even finish early when SCRUM framework is used.

That’s why we love Scrum.

Happy Valentine’s Day Scrum.



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